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born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

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ICONS ♥ [Nov. 4th, 2009|01:12 am]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |bornDust Pain]

[+32] icons
[x20] born
[x12] misc. (Vanness Wu, Shota Matsuda, 雅-miyavi-)


here @ kewliopenguin


Picture Request [Sep. 1st, 2009|07:43 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

I was wondering if anyone has more pictures of Ryouga in this outfit:

I'm planning on doing a cosplay of it and I need as many angles as possible. Thanks in advance!

[selling] Monokuro to Shinjyuu [Aug. 19th, 2009|05:54 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]


RENNY AMY - モノクロと心銃 [Monokuro to Shinjyuu] (mini-album)
The band is now known as "born", this is from when they first started out
Excellent condition


SOLD, thanks!

Shipping (for 1 CD):
USA/Europe/Australia: $4
Asia (except Japan): $3
Shipped with bubble wrap.
Registered mail is an extra $2. By request only.

Payment method preferred is Paypal (3.9% + $0.30 fee). As a last resort, concealed cash is accepted.

Please leave a comment with your email address and country if you are interested :D

See the rest of my sales here.

Buyer feedback here.

URGENT REQUEST! [Jul. 19th, 2009|06:18 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

Hello! I'm not at all sure if this is allowed here, & I do certainly apologise for such a sudden request for something so far away, but is anyone going to see born at either the 9/11 UNDER CODE event OR the 9/18 -OZ- live, both at O-WEST?

My situation...Collapse )
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Born's myspace needs love! [Jul. 11th, 2009|07:20 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Matenrou Opera]

I want to let everyone know (though I'm sure a lot of you know) that Born has an official myspace! They don't have a lot of friends so I wanted to encourage everyone to join and show the love! Myspace is a good way of promoting the band!


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REQ. Felony lyrics [Jul. 9th, 2009|11:04 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

Does anyone have lyrics to born's new single felony?

Thanks in advance!!!

born. Icons! [Jun. 12th, 2009|10:48 am]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]


[21] 9Goats Black Out
[12] Awoi
[12] born.
[20] Kyokutou Girl Friend
[12] Since1889

[03] 9Goats Black Out
[01] Awoi
[01] born.
[01] Kyokutou Girl Friend
[01] Since1889


here at blacklaboratory 


born Comment DVDs for sale [May. 29th, 2009|12:35 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]
[music |VanessA - 【MA】RIA | Powered by Last.fm]

Checked the rules and didn't see anything against them but please delete if Sales Entries are not allowed. Thanks! (^^)

I have the gift DVD that the band gave out at their sponsorship live [bug scream vol. 2] June of last year for sale for $10.
This comment is pretty priceless with Ryouga and Tomo especially being extremely silly, acting out some sort of love confession (if I'm understanding that right ...) or crawling around on the ground pretending to be dogs while Kifumi throws stuff for them to catch XD
It's bound to entertain.
Sold. Thanks!

Also selling the -Abnormal Head Machine- Brand X comment DVD for $5.
The writing on the DVD is mine. I did it to keep track of what the disc was as it seems like every comment DVD I've got is blank >_<

Shipping is not included in the price. I will ship outside the US if need be.
Accepting Paypal, money orders, or concealed cash (within US only).
Please see my Sales Entry on my journal for more info.
Photos under the cut.

Thanks for checking it out!

「猟牙が好き」Collapse )

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4.28: Oneman Live Report [May. 5th, 2009|12:32 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

I did my best to create a fairly detailed, objective live report. Sorry if it's a little Ryoga-centric, I was front and center for the whole show and there's lots of head banging, so needless to say I didn't get a chance to divide my attention evenly among the members.   It's pretty long, so enjoy!

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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2009|11:02 pm]
born [ex. D&L ... ex.RENNY AMY]

Big news for this summer!

First Maxi Single! A PV will also be released.
Also, -Sakura- is available on tonarimachi so if you aren't a member, join so that you can hear it!

TOUR [The Madmen's Playground]
7月9日(木) 仙台HooK 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/Jewel/SKULL/Dio
7月11日(土) 新潟CLUB JUNKBOX 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/Jewel/SKULL/Dio
7月12日(日) 金沢AZ 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/SKULL/Dio
7月19日(日) 福岡DRUM Be-1 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/ValettA/己龍/xTRiPx/Dio
7月22日(水) 大阪FANJ-twice 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/SKULL/xTRiPx/Dio/
7月23日(木) 名古屋Heart Land 出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/SKULL/xTRiPx/Dio/

7月29日(水) 高田馬場AREA
出演 born/R指定/VanessA/己龍/Jewel/SKULL/xTRiPx/Dio/

Tickets go on sale at most of the livehouses/lawsons tomorrow, so anyone who will be in Japan can go ahead and purchase them.

All of the guys switched over to new blogs today, so I've created new syndicated feeds for everyone. For now, you can find them at:

The old blogs still exist, so you can still look through them for photos and such.

The oneman was truly outstanding, and once I get some spare time I'll write a decent live report. And for anyone who heard Sakura and is afraid the song is too poppy, don't worry! They played another new song (which I expect will be on the single) and it follows born's usual sound very well. I also have new photosets and the lyrics from several CD booklets to scan once I have access to a scanner.

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